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Trendy Nail Wraps

What they are and how they work!

Trendy Nail Wraps are a high performance vinyl film product designed to cover the nail plate. Heat is applied to the individual wraps; this process activates the adhesive on the underside of the wraps and also allows the technician to stretch the wrap for that perfect fit.

You will love this product! It will make your nails stand out from the crowd!

Trendy Nail Wrap Offer

Book in for any Trendy Nail Wrap service (similar to Minx) in December or January and receive a

FREE mini manicure or pedicure (worth £10)

to beautify your hands and feet at the same time as your Nail Wraps are applied.

Read on for photos and more info.

Go on, you know you want to get TRENDY!

Trendy Nail Wraps come in two formats.

Professional cut and get nailed.

Pro cut is designed for tip coverage and can be used with any gel or acrylic and will last a normal gel or acrylic cycle.

Get nailed is for full coverage of nail and toes and doesn’t require use of gel or acrylic you just simply apply it to nail plate. This can last between 1-2 weeks on hands and up to 4 weeks on toes. There is a multitude of creative and fashionable designs to choose from.

I have around 15 different wraps in stock at present but if there is a specific colour or design you fancy, let me know in plenty time and I can order it in for you.


Get Nailed Style (full nail coverage)

Trendy Nail Wraps on Fingernails - £15

Trendy Nail Wraps on Toenails - £15

Have both Fingers AND Toes done together,

get 10% discount! - £27

Pro Cut (tip coverage)

Trendy Nail Wraps on Fingernails - £15

If you require tips to be applied prior to Trendy Nail Wraps, please ask for combined price.

Check out pics of some of the toes I have already Trendy Nail Wrapped!

(more pics coming soon).

Beauty ‘n’ Bliss 2009

Proprietor – Maggie D Fraser