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Please scroll down for Trial Tan details!!

Hands up all those who feel better and think they look healthier when they have a tan? Most of us love the colour we achieve on holiday and now there are different ways to have a year round tan without any of the dangers associated with over exposure to either natural sun or sun beds and tan cabs.

I used sun beds (years ago) and more recently tan cabs, but know now the sometimes lasting damage that they can do to your skin. Since my Fake Bake training, I've been converted to a safer and more convenient way of tanning! I have tried and tested various different brands and have chosen to offer my two favourites to my clients.

I have all Fake Bake and Suntana shades in stock, as these two brands, in my opinion, produce consistently natural looking results and colour. There is no need to worry about your tan looking as if you have been Tango-ed or being orange, which is a common complaint from clients who have tried other brands. I wouldn't use anything on clients that I wouldn't be happy to use on myself.

So if you want to "Live the Lie" with Fake Bake or be Sun kissed with Suntana, then contact me and make an appointment today!

Please note -

For insurance purposes, under 16s must have consent of parent/guardian prior to tanning.

FREE Trial Tan

As some people are a bit wary about spray tanning, I now offer a FREE Trial Tan, so you can see how the shades/colours look and can decide which one best suits your skin.

I will spray your leg and you can try 2 different shades and/or solutions if you wish.

Most clients think their legs are the part of the body least likely to react well to spray tan. I have clients who have had poor results on their legs from previous spray tans and lotions. Funnily enough, with a little attention to detail (because I take pride in what I do and strive for perfection), I have had some amazing results...

Please ask for more details.


As I am Fake Bake trained (in both spray and lotion system), this multi award winning formula is one of my personal favourites and in my opinion gives fantastic yet natural looking results every time.

As used in Britain's Next Top Model and by many celebs including Paris Hilton and Cheryl Cole!

Here are a handful of awards won by Fake Bake and some words of praise from the Media -

Winner -

Pure Beauty Awards 2008

Best artificial tanning range

Winner -

Professional Beauty Awards 2009

Tanning Product/Equipment Supplier of the Year


Best instant Self Tan, Rolls Royce in Self Tanning

Brand New You Magazine -

Best Tanning Range

Hair Flair & Beauty, Woman Magazine, New York Times -

Best Self Tanning Product


In a hurry, but still looking for a fast, believable looking tan? If every second counts in your hectic life, then a professionally applied spray tan is the answer! Isn't it nice when people say how healthy you look , then ask where you have been on holiday and not which fake tan you use?

Go on - Live the Lie - I won't tell if you don't!

Available in two award winning shades -

Original (10%)


Dark (12%)

Full body (approx 20 min) - £ 20

Half body (approx 10 min) - £ 12

Legs only (approx 10 min) - £ 8

Face only (approx 5 min) - £ 4

Top up (one coat) half price within 7 days.


Do you deserve a bit of time out, just for you? Then why not treat yourself to a Fake Bake Lotion tan? You get to relax and let me do all the work for you.

Firstly, I exfoliate your skin using Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish which is a gentle, but effective exfoliator which leaves skin feeling silky smooth and ready to tan. It contains the highest concentrations of rare botanicals and Aloe Vera extracts as well as micro particles of the gentle, natural exfoliator Luufa which ‘polishes’ skin without lacerating or damaging the surface of newly exposed layers. The experience will leave your skin feeling refreshed and energised.

Then I manually apply your choice of lotion tan. All shades have a combination of cutting edge, naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose which work with the melanin cells in the top layers of your skin to develop into a tan that compliments your skin tones for a perfectly natural looking result. 

There are three shades to choose from -


Fake Bake Fair Self-Tan Lotion has been specially formulated for people with fair complexions.


Fake Bake Original Self-Tan Lotion is excellent for those who want a noticeable, but natural tan.


Fake Bake Xtreme Darkest Self-Tanning Gel is perfect for those who want an extreme, dark tan. 

Full body, including exfoliation (approx 60min) - £ 25

Half body, including exfoliation (approx 45 min) - £ 15

Legs only, including exfoliation (approx 30 min) - £ 10

GOLD Salon Formula Coming Soon!


Suntana also produces a great natural looking tan and smells good enough to eat! It has a super fast development time of only 4 hours and the initial colour guide can be washed off after this time has elapsed, but the colour still continues to develop.

Quick and clever!

Be sun kissed with Suntana!

Available in three super smelling shades -

Full body (approx 20 min) - £ 15

Half body (approx 10 min) - £ 9

Legs only (approx 10 min) - £ 6

Face only (approx 5 min) - £ 3

Top up (one coat) half price within 7 days.

Tan for a Tenner!

Yes, you read that right! It's not a typing error!

When I started Spray Tanning earlier this year, I bought lots of different samples to try.

As I have decided the two brands I am stocking, namely Fake Bake and Suntana (see below for prices), I am left with enough sample solution for around 6 full body tans, taking up valuable space in my Therapy Room! There is nothing wrong with any of the solution, but I don't have the room (or the inclination!) to stock 6 different brands!

The following brands and shades are available -

Sun Shadez (light/medium) x 6

Tantruth (light/medium) x 1

Please help me use them up to make space for new stock and have a

Full Body Spray Tan For A Tenner!

This is a limited offer and once the samples are gone - they're gone and only full price tans will be available.

Book now. Don't miss out!

Pre - Tan Advice -

Exfoliate well with body scrub/loofah & moisturise day before. Any hair removal should be done at least 24 hrs before, to allow pores to close.

On Day of Tan -

Please do not apply make up, deodorant, moisturiser, body oils or perfume. Wear old/dark underwear, or swim wear (disposable underwear is available). Bring long sleeved/legged, loose dark clothing, pyjamas are ideal! Please bring flip flops or sandals to wear after treatment until tan has fully developed.

Please don't be self conscious while having your tan! Cover up or expose as much as you feel comfortable with. I have seen all shapes and sizes and remember, I use spray tan regularly and still enlist the help of another therapist to spray me!

Post Tan Advice -

Will be given after treatment.

Special offer

Pay for 4 tans (any system) and get fifth tan FREE 

You will be given a loyalty card for this and I will also record the details on your tanning treatment card.


A great pick me up for dry or tired skin using a gentle body scrub. Ideal to prepare skin for holidays or self tanning. I use Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish, which is a gentle, but effective exfoliator which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. It contains the highest concentrations of rare botanicals and Aloe Vera extracts as well as micro particles of the gentle, natural exfoliator Luufa which ‘polishes’ skin without lacerating or damaging the surface of newly exposed layers. The experience will leave your skin feeling refreshed and energised.

Followed by an application of body lotion of your choice, to leave skin soft, smooth and glowing!

Please note -

Body Lotion will not be applied to your full body if you are having a tan applied after exfoliaton, but will be applied to dry areas (elbows/hands/knees/feet) as normal.

This is perfect for those who are not so hot at removing all of their previous tan before having the next one applied!

Full body - approx 45 min - £ 15

Part body (as required) - approx 20 min - £9

Beauty ‘n’ Bliss 2009

Proprietor – Maggie D Fraser