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Dashing Divas!


Dashing Divas on Fingernails OR Toenails - £15

One of my fab new treatments is the -

Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus System for both Manicures and Pedicures.

It's the Perfect French that lasts!

When I saw the French Wrap Plus system from Dashing Diva earlier this year, I thought I had died and gone to 'Perfect French Manicure Heaven.'

Why? Because I am always on the lookout for cool new cutting edge products to make my customers' lives easier and their visit to the therapy room a more pleasant experience.

No more worrying about having to wait for all the coats of polish to dry, no smudges, no re-do's and no wear on the edges.

See Gallery at bottom of page for some pics of Dashing Divas!

The truly revolutionary Dashing Diva French Wrap Plus system creates the perfect French Manicure super fast. A pre-formed French Wrap is applied to the nail with glue, then overlayed with a special base and top coat, producing a uniform and PERFECT smile line every time.

It doesn't chip and lasts longer than a normal French Manicure. Most clients have their Dashing Divas on for approx 2 weeks! If removed properly, which can be done quickly with acetone, they will not damage your natural nail and may even help them grow!

Dashing Divas can also be used on toes for a perfect French Pedicure. I did my own toes for my holidays and 9 weeks later, I removed them, still looking pretty perfect!

The French Wraps come in two "depths" or "widths".

Standard is best for short, neat nails, ideal if you have weak natural nails and would like them to have a bit of extra strength to be able to grow them a bit longer.

Double Width is best for longer natural nails.


Dashing Divas on Fingernails OR Toenails - £15

Dashing Divas with Clear Calgel overlay -£25

Dashing Divas with Colour Calgel overlay - £28

When you arrive for your Dashing Divas appointment, please ensure any enhancements have been soaked off accordingly and any polish removed, or you may be charged extra for a mini mani/pedi prior to DD application as they are applied to bare nails only.

Beauty ‘n’ Bliss 2009

Proprietor – Maggie D Fraser