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Client Feedback

(updated 21.09.2011)


Maggie - my tan is beautiful! Its so natural looking and a beautiful colour. No streaks and hardly any smell from it, unlike some tans! Thank u so much x x

(Beach Bum the Quickening spray tan)

HI, Lockerbie

Had a great wee day and everyone commenting on my polish! x x

(OPI file & polish pedi)

AP, Dumfries

Thanks for doing my nails yest! I love them. D saw them today and thought they were lush! xx

(Gelish French manicure)

LS, Dumfries

Hi Maggie, L here, just wanted to say thanx again, we luv the lashes!

(Weekend lashes)

LK, Dumfries

Hey Maggie, got some nice compliments up town earlier...Thanx again. x

(OPI file & polish mani, weekend lashes, eyebrow threading)

HH, Dumfries

Update - Had a great night, felt a million dollars after u worked ur magic!

Hello from sunny Gran Canaria! :-) Nails are still perfect and all on, everyone comments on them saying they are gorgeous! See you when I'm back! xx

(Trendy Nails Wraps pedicure)

RL, Dumfries

Tan is gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! :-) Thank you! x

(Suntana spray tan)

S, Dumfries

Tan looks fab! Thank you xx

(Suntana spray tan)

KS, Dumfries

Tan bloomin' luvly jubly! ;-)

(Vani-t Velocity spray tan)

HL, Dumfries

A big thank u from Claire and me. I want to go on holiday now too!

(Trendy Nail Wraps mani & OPI file & polish pedi)

SC, Dumfries

Update - Claire delighted with her nails. Had to take a photo of them last night. :-)

DC, Dumfries

Love love love my tan! Thanx. x

(Vani-t Velocity spray tan)

CH, Dumfries

Tan is looking good, I'm really pleased! Thank u! xxx

(Suntana spray tan)

NM, Dumfries

Hey Maggie, thanks for my treatments this morning, I've had a lovely morning.

(Calgel nails and Pedicure)

L, Dumfries

Update - By the way, not even a chip on my nails after my hols - you're good!

 Fair pleased with everything I got done the night! Thanx! xx

(Lash Perfect Lashes, Dashing Divas on Fingernails & Toenail Polish)

AP, Dumfries

I have been and had all my beauty treatments done, tanning, eye lashes, toenails and fingernails, ready for wedding tomorrow. Maggie Fraser is the bestest beautician, she is the WOMAN you need for all your beauty requirements , get her booked asap xxx

LS, Dumfries

I'll second above comment. I felt crap going to her the other day, but by the time I left a felt a million dollars...... x x

AP, Dumfries

Oh, I agree with that (from LS and AP) plus you are always guaranteed a good laugh. xx

LC, Dumfries

I had a spray tan with Suntanas chocolate shade (12%). I totally loved it. I got tip & dip acrylic nails and they looked fab and lasted ages. My glitter tattoo was lovely too. All really good prices. I would def come to you again. Really friendly and gorgeous beauty room, I sooo want it. Thank you. :-) x

Chloe, Lochmaben

I tried false nails before, but usually after half an hour, they became unstuck and I lost some. I tried tip and dip acrylic nails and they stayed on a whole week when I was on holiday and would have stayed on a longer, if only I didn't have to go back to work! They felt secure and comfortable, unlike some other nails. My own nails grew underneath and were undamaged after tips were soaked off. Ideal nails for special occasions!

Gillian, Dumfries  

Hi Maggie, Just to let you know Abby (Suntana cherry) and Rachel (Suntana chocolate) were both really pleased with their tans and got loads of compliments. Party was good too! Keep up the good work.

AW, Dumfries

Just thought i would let you know how chuffed Abby is with her tan (again). She went into school for an exam today and got lots of compliments, she is away out to the party tonight with her boyfriend, his eyes about popped out of his head when he saw her (but maybe that had something to do with the short dress!!!) and two of my friends have text me to say how great she looks. Well done you xx

AW, Dumfries 

Alternative Therapy

I have had Reiki 7 times now. I was more than a bit sceptical to start with BUT now am a total convert! Great for de-stressing in this crazy world we live in and the best insomnia cure I've found yet! Don't know how Maggie does it, but she can pick up on things I would never have expected a non medic to know. Issues picked up on have now been confirmed by my GP.

Karen, Dumfries

I tried Reiki against the grain, as a guinea pig for Maggie and much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. After several sessions, it made a huge difference to my frozen shoulder, which bothered me for years and is now totally better! It also made me so relaxed I fell asleep on more than once occasion (okay, so I fell asleep during every session and woke up feeling refreshed!)

AJ, Dumfries

I was dubious about Reiki at the start! However, after 5 hands on sessions and 3 or 4 distant sessions, I am hooked! Maggie picked up on several medical issues I didn't know I had and have since had confirmed by GP (spooky!). My sleep pattern was erratic for years and since having Reiki, I can honestly say even my cat doesn't wake me up trying to get in at night now! My sleep pattern has settled down and is better than I could have ever hoped for....

Gillian, Dumfries

Had Reiki from Maggie on several occasions now, both hands on and distant healing. I have problems with my back/shoulder and first time I received Reiki, Maggie could tell me exactly where my pain was - and more! On another occasion I injured my knee running, for days I could hardly walk with pain, and pain killers did nothing. Maggie sent me distant Reiki one evening, and the next morning I was out running - pain free! I'm hooked!

RI, Glasgow

Hey missy, just a wee text to say thank you for the Reiki yesterday. I slept all night for the first time in weeks! ;-) Just what I needed. x

KM, Dumfries

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