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Calgel Gel Nails

Overlays –

Natural nails can be capped or have overlays applied to strengthen them and allow them to grow longer with less breakages.

Clear (45 mins) – £22

Colour (45 mins) – £25

French (60 mins) – £28

Infills –

Your Calgel nails need to be maintained and in-filled on a regular basis to keep them looking perfect. This involves “filling in” the gap at the base of your nail, near the cuticle, where your new nail growth can be seen. On average this is required every 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow and how well you can maintain your Calgel nails at home between appointments.

As a rough guide, as my nails don’t grow very quickly, I used to have infills every 4-6 weeks (thanks to Emma who did my nails for many years!).

BUT - I can’t promise how long each individual clients will last. It really depends how well you look after them.

Clear (1 hr) – £20

Colour (75 mins) – £22

French (90 mins) – £24

My infill price include 2 free repairs.

Any repairs over and above this will be charged at -

£3 per nail if during appointment

£4 per nail outwith nail appointment

Nail Repairs -

£4 per nail outwith nail appointment

If you have mostly perfect nails and have a broken or split one, I can apply a Calgel Sculpture and/or Silk Wrap and overlay to repair it, so you have a perfect set of nails!

Sculptures –

Natural nails can be lengthened using Calgel to create extensions/sculptures, as long as your nails have a sufficient free edge where the sculpt can be attached. Unsuitable for nail biters (see Nail Tip Extensions section below).

Clear (1 hr 45 mins) – £35

Colour (2hrs) – £37.50

French (2 hrs 15 mins) – £40

Nail Tip Extensions –

If nails are too short for sculptures and require some extra length, nail tips can be applied, followed by a Calgel overlay to make nails both longer and stronger. An excellent solution for nails nibblers to finally convince them to give up that nail biting habit!

Clear (1 hr 30 mins)– £25

Colour (1hr 45 mins)– £30

French (2 hrs) – £35

Calgel Toes -

The permanent Pedicure!

Clear (45 mins) – £22

Colour (45 mins) – £25

French (60 mins) – £28

Calgel Overlay on toes looks amazing and my French Pedicure lasted me 8 weeks.

That was with a holiday abroad where I was in and out of the sea and wandering about in sand for hours! Great looking and long lasting results!

Beauty ‘n’ Bliss 2009

Proprietor – Maggie D Fraser